More than anything, Sun Hurt will always be remembered as kind, giving, fearless, and faithful to God.  Although she was quite reserved, Sun was always ready with a big smile when someone walked into the room, and the ever-present sound of her laughter made everyone who heard want to laugh right along with her.  Sun was a wonderfully devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, whose positivity and optimism was a blessing to all.

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1965, Sun was adopted by Christine and Jim Chalder.  She attended high school in Anchorage, Alaska before making her way to Troy, Michigan, where she met her husband Stephen Hurt at church.  In typical Sun fashion, she immediately knew what she wanted, and after just two weeks of dating she told Stephen to set a date for the wedding or just move right along.  Of course, Stephen couldn’t resist, noting that he was also hooked by her sincerity, her open nature, and her beautiful smile.  The couple married just a few months after meeting, and, after 21 years of marriage, Stephen still considers it, “the best thing I ever did.”

A traditionalist, whose faith and loyalty to the church was unwavering, Sun was an active member in the Korean First Baptist Church in Rochester, Michigan and later in the Korean United Methodist Church in Columbus when she moved to Grove City, Ohio.  Echoing her favorite Bible verse, James 5:13 "Is anyone among you in trouble?  Let them pray.  Is anyone happy?  Let them sing songs of praise," Sun believed passionately in both prayer and also, the power of song.  She liked to remind people to "pray big and believe bigger," and lent her lovely voice to the choir at both Korean First Baptist and Korean United Methodist.  When she wasn’t singing, she enjoyed listening to Josh Groban and religious hymns: "I have decided" and "God is Good" were particular favorites.  Her gorgeous singing voice also filled the family home. She would sing in the shower, while readying herself, while doing chores, and at every other possible opportunity. In fact, instead of using an alarm clock, she woke her children up in the mornings with song.

All who knew Sun, knew her as an intensely private person, but her family also knew her as an incredibly resourceful homemaker who knew how to get the most out of a dollar.  She did everything well, but meals were always a highlight: Sun was a wonderful cook who made whatever her children and grandchildren wanted, even if it meant spending time tracking down special ingredients for her dishes.  Although she enjoyed making everything and anything, she loved to cook with spice, and she often prepared Korean foods. She even had her own special recipe for Kimchi, which was always a favorite.

Like her laughter, Sun radiated positivity and her energy was contagious.  Her remarkable unselfishness and her penchant for giving was a marvel to those around her.  If anyone needed anything, anyone at all, Sun would respond. From family and friends to church members and missionaries, even strangers, Sun would always help. She never wanted anything for herself, and often took hand-me-downs from her children as her own.

Family was incredibly important for Sun and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t have done for her loved ones.  She leaves behind, as she would have referred to them, five beautiful children, Richard "Euy Jin,” Mindy, Eunice "Hye Rim,” Christina, and Charles "Steban.”  Halmoni, as they called Sun, was also blessed with six grandchildren: Kevin, Bradley, Veronica, Alyssia, Emory, and Brayden, with another baby boy and girl on the way.  She was also greatly comforted by Leo, her miniature golden poodle, who was a dear and faithful companion by her side during her struggle with cancer. Confident and happy within herself, Sun remains the epitome of loving mother, delightful spouse, and revered community member, a true blessing to all.